The Caregivers' Club - Documentary Presentation

The Caregivers' Club - Documentary Presentation

November 17, 2019

Location: Fellowship Room

On Sunday, November 17, 2019, please join the Ladies Exercise Class as they present a screening of  “The Caregiver’s Club” by Cynthia Banks.

This moving documentary tells the true story of four Ontario families dealing with a dementia diagnosis. The film focuses on the caregiver and the person with dementia, and their everyday struggles and interactions.

Every case is different. How the caregiver deals with it is different. They have to find what works for them. The day-to-day challenges are ongoing, and finding appropriate help is not a clear path.  In addition to making people aware of the affects of dementia on someone’s life, and on those who love them, the film maker is calling for action from governments to get healthcare supports that are needed and can be expensive over the years of this debilitating disease.

If you are caring for someone with dementia or just want to learn more, you won’t want to miss this interesting and informative presentation . Be sure to mark it on your calendar. Bring a friend! You can find out more at

We are pleased to announce that the Public Education Lead for the Alzheimer Society of Durham Region will join us, to answer any questions you may have about Alzheimer's after the movie.

A freewill offering will be gratefully accepted.



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