Why I Joined the Choir

As a young girl, I sang in our church choir and school choirs as well as took piano lessons and theory. My family used to host choir practice in our home until our church was built in 1962. My mother and sister sang in the choir as well, so we were a musical family. I have always loved musical theatre and appreciated the work that went into the various productions.

When I joined St. Paul’s in 1980 I enjoyed the musical talents of Alan and Sheena Hunter and the senior choir. The Musical Evening in May was always a highlight of the church year for me. The four part harmony that was offered each Sunday made each hymn richer and fuller in meaning. I always wanted to be a part of a community of singers but I got sidetracked by committee work and other commitments to our church.

Rolly Grant used to ask me when I was going to join the choir, and my response was always the same. I told him I would consider joining the choir when I retired from teaching. Well, it will be ten years in June since I retired, but I must admit it took me a few years to get up my courage.

Linda Westendorp
Linda enjoys singing with the Choir

The choir works very hard to present the hymns and anthems each week and it is an amazing range of music. Add to that the special music for holidays and we have a wide variety of music to learn. Some of the selections bring me to tears, they are so beautiful.

You will want to join us on April 14th when we present Come to the Cross and Remember as part of the Palm Sunday service.

Lois works extremely hard to prepare us for each presentation and she is a genius in selecting our music. I admire her dedication and work ethic so much. I have enjoyed the journey so far and look forward to the years ahead.

Submitted by Linda Westendorp