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At St. Paul’s United Church (SPUC) we are given the opportunity to follow the teachings of Jesus as told in the Parable of the Good Samaritan and to “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind” (Luke 10:27)  We do this through worship, prayer and meditation and through our daily actions of sharing our time, talent and treasure with the church and the broader community.

Your support of SPUC, by joining us at worship, participating in a program or activity or attending an event is welcomed and appreciated. We also appreciate your financial support.

Individual United churches receive no funding from the United Church of Canada. Each church is responsible for the funding of all operations, activities and outreach projects. All money comes from Offerings, fundraising events and/or bequests. These monies pay for building maintenance (repairs, upgrades), staff salaries, worship and Sunday school supplies plus funds for all outreach projects.

  • To review SPUC’s Annual Budget, please download a copy of our Annual Report.

Offerings are not fees or dues given out of obligation. They are gifts of thanksgiving from the heart.   To make an offering to SPUC, please click on the button below to be automatically redirected to an online donation application.

St. Paul’s United Church – Stewardship 2022 – Watch this space


Throughout the year, SPUC runs fundraising campaigns to support the work of the church.  Please consider supporting SPUC by participating in one of our current fundraising campaigns:

Dig Down Deep Campaign

  • SPUC had to respond to an environmental issue when it was discovered that the church building was not connected to the Town of Ajax drainage system.
  • Under the leadership of the Trustees the situation was resolved and now we are “digging down deep” to pay back the loan we had to take out to pay the cost.
  • Our monthly payments are $750 (plus 2% annual interest after the first year).
  • We calculate that approximately 864 buckets of earth were removed during this project. We are asking you to help us repay the balance of our
    loan by “Digging Down Deep” and buying buckets of “material” to refill the ditch.
  • Six pails fills one bucket for $50, or 3 pails fills 1⁄2 of a bucket for $25.
  • Any and all donations are welcome. Please give your prayerful consideration to buying some buckets and helping us retire this loan.

SPUC Water Bottles

  • It is estimated that 68 Billion single use plastic bottles (SUPBs) are discarded annually worldwide (from They can be found on beaches, in rivers, streams, lakes, and strewn about in our forests and provincial parks. The manufacturing of these SUPBs emits toxic chemicals into our atmosphere and the recycling of these bottles also uses toxic chemicals which eventually emits even more toxic chemicals into the atmosphere.  SPUC water bottle for sale. Reduce the use of single use plastics
  • SPUC reusable water bottles are now available.  These 750ml, BPA free, dishwasher safe bottles are being sold at cost at $10 each.
  • If any bottles purchased above the $10 cost, the difference will count towards SPUC’s fundraising targets.
  • Bottles can be purchased at SPUC events.

For more information

Please also visit the Calendar page to view upcoming fundraising events.

Please call the Church Office to be connected to the Envelope Steward if you wish to learn more about making a financial contribution to the church.  

Thank you for your consideration and generosity.