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Stewardship booklet cover 2019

Stewardship Moment 2019 – Joy

Stewardship is an important part of Christian life all year long, and here at St. Paul’s we make it our special focus in the month of October. It gives us a chance to look at how we have practiced stewardship in the past year, and how we plan to make… Read More

Linda Westendorp

Why I Joined the Choir

As a young girl, I sang in our church choir and school choirs as well as took piano lessons and theory. My family used to host choir practice in our home until our church was built in 1962. My mother and sister sang in the choir as well, so we… Read More

Sing and Rejoice 2019

A number of St. Paul’s United Church Senior Choir members had an enjoyable day together on Saturday February 9th when they attended the Sing & Rejoice! 2019 choral workshop hosted by Pickering Village United Church. SPUC Senior Choir Sopranos Sharon, Dorothy, Cathy and Carole, Altos Pam and Cath, Bass Brad… Read More